feel better. live better.


I was.
I had the world by a string- only I was wishing I could fly away.
Time hop has a way of helping me see life simpler.
It was a world of triumphs and tragedies ago.
Pictures say a thousand words.
That was the best happy face I had back then.
Looking back now I see the weight of the world pushing on my shoulders.
I was drowning in a kiddie pool.
It was before I gave myself permission to be fully and totally a complete mess.
New foster mom. 
I had already failed one kid placement...at least that was how I saw it in my own mind.
I felt like I was living a lie.
I was drinking too much and doing pretty much anything to avoid my real life.
I was in such a dark place...and come to think of it- so was Eric.
Like two crusted up rowboats passing in the night.
They can make us or break us.
That season almost took me out... but by His grace-it didn’t.
It made me stronger long term only in the midst of it I wanted to run like hell.
People are going thru stuff.
It’s good to remember.
The rude checker...
The seemingly snobby Mom...
Road rage driving beside us...
People have stuff...
Now it’s easy for me to give grace and judge less mostly because I have walked in some messed up shoes over time.
So if you need it- Here is permission to be.
Big Love ❤️,