feel better. live better.

You heard it first...From no other than, Mr. Mike Rust!

In the words of Mr. Mike Rust himself...

Ok, so I wanted to wait for ONE month after I finished my first round of ChiroThin to write a review.

Here goes.

Started because I have maintained a weight between 181 to 185 for 20 years.

I've never eaten bad. A little sugar, no dairy except cheese, a little bread now and then, processed food, a fair amount of wine...well maybe a lot on weekends!
I cook every night through the week. Usually fish, fresh vegetables and rice.
Usually have 2-3 cookies or graham crackers or 2-3 squares of dark 70% chocolate...great to finish the red wine with.
Eat out lunch everyday. Usually high protein and salad.
BGs sandwiches 2 times a week (turkey and a few fried chips)
Eat breakfast everyday at Huddle House on Tuesday and Thursday: 2 sunny eggs, 2 bacon, 2 pieces of wheat toast and a lot of tea. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I would have oatmeal, wheat toast and tea.

I do yoga on Monday and Wednesday.
Crossfit Tuesday and Thursday.

I've been the same pant and shirt size for 25 years. Except 2 years ago my neck size increased 1/2 inch from 15.5 to 16. Thanks to Crossfit.

Now ChiroThin.

First I'm very suspicious of diets that are supported by pills, drops, shakes, or whatever. Weight loss is math. Eat more calories than you burn=gain weight. Eat less=lose. Simple. My go to "drop a few pounds" diet, for those times I pushed 185 to 186, was high protein and a day or two fast. Usually could drop back to 182 or so and get back to "the range".

I decided after seeing friends of mine posting on Facebook about their weight loss to give ChiroThin a try. Why not. Only 42 days. Not a crazy diet change, I figured 10 pounds is worth it!

Went to see Dr. Becking.

After 42 days I dropped down to 167.5 lbs...my high school weight was 156. I have more muscle now than then. Well that's what I tell myself.




Dr. B: Do not read past this line

Ok here's the skinny,

I ate 2 sunny eggs at huddle house everyday for breakfast -- I really go to read the paper -- felt guilty sitting for 45 just ordering tea
Lunch out. Katy O'Ferrell's. Large salad with grilled salmon. 1 tablespoon of dressing. Tea. Yummo. Or un-breaded wings hot sauce, salad and tea.
Drank a ton of water in between...finally realized a catheter would be helpful so I could get some work done. Jeesh.
Night time still cooked. But dropped quantity and all carbs. I have killer ways to make cauliflower now. And if you haven't made zucchini pasta, double yuuummmo!!

Weekends. Celebrations or 36. Split salad and main course with my favorite GF 2 -3 glasses of wine each night. Our friends bring really great wine ...it would have been rude not to taste!! I was only caught once by Dr. B. Whew!

Now one month later.

Weighed 167.4 this morning
Was 165.8 Tuesday this week

My daily routine is pretty much the same. What is amazing to me is how my appetite for the quantity of food has really changed. We now split almost every meal when we eat out. And still it's hard to finish. My wine consumption is down. Probably because my food consumption is lower. Still very aware of carbs and sugar. And don't miss them.

The biggy for me wasn't the weight loss part, although that was great. My clothes do fit much better. But the greatest result of this diet is how it has affected my work outs...Wow. Running
(which I hate) is so much easier. My aches and pains have reduced. I doubled my one set pull ups, and I don't have the inflammation so bad in the morning. I guess dropping that 15 lb plate from my body really does help.

To sum up. I'm all in for this program. A little discipline and 42 days and you too will see amazing things happen that just might change your life. Thanks Dr. B!

Michael Rust

P.S- If this helped push you over the edge to do the program... Tell them Mike sent you. I get a gift card and then I'll by you lunch...uh and critic what you eat :)