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New Moms Need Us........MOTHERGOOD

It's a miracle, a joy, total bliss, and it's freaking hard.
Welcome to our hood- Motherhood.
I look like a deer in the headlights in this picture. I was in so far over my head and still trying to keep it together. It was not our first baby but our fifth. So, first babies are scary. Fifth babies are scary. And everything in between.

There's too much pressure on the moms.
Juggling a new baby. 
Lack of sleep. 
Trying to look like we have it all together when it couldn't be more opposite.
Changing the diapers and boiling the bottles..(Although the bottle boiling will be short lived.)
Moms who have given birth are trying to heal physically and adoptive moms are just hoping to bond with baby.

It's a pressure cooker.
All of the cliché things are said. Beautiful baby comments are made. And we walk away.
But we're missing it. Truth talk. Support. No judgement love. They need us. Remember how it felt in the beginning? 
I barely did, until I came in contact with a struggling new mom this week. It opened my eyes to how much they need us to come alongside them. Tell them they are doing just fine. Maybe even share the tough parts of our story so they see they are not alone.
It will all even out and life will find a new groove, and until then we promise NOT to tell them how "you should cherish these moments because they go so fast."
It means getting out of our comfort zones. Maybe even meeting new people. It might be in the parking lot at Target, at church, or the gym. 
Maybe it turns into a Starbucks coffee while we soothe their colic baby so they can have a moment to speak freely.
Whatever it looks like. It is a win.
I'm in. Ready and willing to show some love.
Like a mom gang- coming in hot to help out new mommas.
Let's do this.
Big Love,