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Labor Day Weekend 2015

Come on, it's vacation. Vacation already. Seriously, you're on Facebook? I love it. But you should be out doing something. Something productive, what? Did I just say that? That's lame. It's time to relax people. Do something that is so fun you can hardly stand yourself. I hope you laugh so much you can hardly control your bowels... I mean it guys. Life is short. Go after it. If you are not totally blissed out on this three-day weekend, find a reason to change that.
I have friends that make me want to Pee my pants every day. Be funny even if you're not. Go out on a limb. Try your favorite joke. It just might stick... Or it might bomb. Who really cares. Go for it. Live large.
Get with the program- everyone in America is learning to Whip and Nae Nae....what are you waiting for? I see a full weekend opportunity to learn these moves. Don't you know that Dancing with the Stars is starting very soon? Don't think for a second that Paula Deen won't clean your clock with her dance moves...go ahead, get your swagger back. Nobody's watching. Even if they were, maybe you would be just to laugh they needed.
This weekend, leave it all on the floor. No matter what that looks like.
Next week we all go back to it. Today, we dance!