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Kindness - The Simple Truth

Seems like most people are just BUSY.  Is that you?  What are we all busy doing and why are we so prone to be busy?  Can't we just STOP?  How about slow down?  One of the most important things I have learned being a parent with a big crew is time matters, especially how you spend it.  Not so much what you are doing, but where your head, your mind is when you are doing it.  When I give my kids a bath in the morning I can either choose to be right there with them and enjoy the little lives in front of me, or I can be thinking about what else I need to be doing and feeling rushed and getting frustrated.  I choose be in the moment and realize, "this is the life".  Seriously that is my life now.  I get to have many mini moments all day long with my kids, my amazing wife, Chantelle, my patients, strangers and new friends daily at Starbucks.  The Simple Truth.  Cheers mates.  Enjoy this video that just has a good feel and vibe and it's just beautifully done.