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Shouting from the Rooftops!

March 21, 2015

Find out what our client, Mrs. Jody Petzoldt has to say about our weight loss program...

"My eating was out of control! I can admit this now that I have gone through the weight loss program at Becking Clinic. I was overweight, in pain and still did nothing to stop eating JUNK! Luckily, I came to a point that a friend insisted I go see Dr. Becking.  I signed up for the program the same day and was determined to finally take accountability for my food addiction.  I loved food....it was the most important part of any day. I ate for every emotion, happy, sad, mad, stressed, or fatigued.  I had to add up my daily calorie count and I realized that I was consuming over 5000 per day.  I sat at the computer and cried completely unaware until that moment just how much I was eating.  I got up from that computer and promised myself I would NOT do anything except follow the program to a tee!!! After 10 days, I had lost 10lbs and 10 inches. That's not even the good thing, ha-ha! I was, for the first time in 9 months, completely pain free.  No more indigestion pain, no more constant diarrhea or constipation, no more night sweats, no more anything.  I thought it was impossible that the food I was consuming was making me literally sick, but sure enough... it was.  At the end of the program I had lost 25.4 lbs and 27.5 inches and since I left the program I have lost another 5.8 lbs in 16 days.  The only thing I do is eat clean.  I follow the plan that this Clinic taught me....period....its simply all you need to be a success at losing weight. I was mad at myself for the first 8 days of this program.  How could have I been so mean to myself with something I LOVED!! Well, I still LOVE food but forcing me to take accountability for the food I consume I can now LOVE and RESPECT FOOD AND MYSELF at the same time.  I KNOW there are people out there struggling daily just like I was and it's so sad to know they aren't getting the proper help.  I could ALWAYS lose weight but I NEVER EVER admitted I had an issue with food.  I would lose weight and think to myself, SEE YOU DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM YOU LOST WEIGHT, YOU DON'T NEED ANY HELP AT ALL!! Well, how come I'm a yoyo??? I am a yoyo because I never ate correctly and I can say with complete confidence I never knew how to until I went through this program.  Please.....learn from many years of failures.  Please....hear me when I say I this program WILL help you. And most importantly PLEASE....start today and realize that you are not allow in your struggles. There's an amazing support group along with this program and you will never be alone again.  I will always struggle with an extreme desire to eat but I now have a greater desire to be a healthy and happy with ME. I can't thank this group and this clinic enough.  If you do nothing for yourself, PLEASE, try this program.  It was the best gift I have ever given myself.  If you are reading this and want to punch me because I am so optimistic and happy, that's ok too!!! I was so beat down by ME that I wanted to punch everyone that talked to me about this program.  By day 10, I wanted to walk to the highest point and tell the world how amazing I felt.  This could be you or you could be just like the OLD OVERWEIGHT me and suffer a little longer. I beg you, don't be that me.....BE THE NEW ME AND GET SOME HELP!!!!"