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Rainy Mondays Can Be Amazing if You Choose!

Nothing like a dreary Monday morning to really kick off your week. You know what I'm saying? Dang, sometimes when it rains, it pours. And I mean that literally and metaphorically.
It's so crazy how quickly we can put ourselves in a rut. I don't know why we dread Mondays. They're no different than any other day of the week at our house. It's just getting everybody back on schedule, ready with their hair fixed, going to school semi-clean, all together at once now. Let's do this. Rally the troops. Please don't yell at your sister, please don't raise your voice to me. No, we don't have any milk. So what. There's other things in the pantry you can eat. Okay maybe we are out of most things, but you can find something in there. Think outside the box. It doesn't have to be a traditional breakfast. Get creative.We live in America for goodness sake's. We have tons of food in our house. Never complain about not having food. (They already know this song and dance. It's a real hook for me when people act like there's nothing to eat or they are starving) Please don't give me that dirty look. Did you hear what I said? Do not look at me like that again this morning or I will come unglued on you.
Stuff like that to really get your day rolling.
Nothing like a morning of harsh looks, constant complaining, getting drenched taking kids into their schools, and just all-around bitchiness. Welcome.
But then, as I watch little Solie get out of the car and run down the sidewalk, I totally choke up like the softy I am. Bianca runs on. Because you know, she has to win. But not Solie. She has to stop at least four times in the rain toturn around and wave at me. Because she knows I'm going to be looking. Waiting for another wave, and she won't ever let me down. That chick loves her mom. It makes my heart totally melt. I hope she never grows up. But she will. So right now I better soak her in completely.
What a sweet moment.
Back to the house to pick up the other three.... Drop off's. Sometimes they go great, sometimes not so good. And when you add in a Monday and a rain day- you can guess where this is headed. And just for a little fun God allows both of the two in diapers to take a massive dump as we are trying to load up... Right on. We got this.
After getting all three little kids out in the rain, getting them checked into their classes, and heading back out, I'm not super pleased. Just because I'm wet, I haven't had any coffee yet, and just in general it's a dreary Monday.
It's not two seconds after I pull out of the parking lot that I see someone rolling down the sidewalk in a wheelchair. In the rain.... And I'm complaining about what? What about my inconvenience? Reality check.
I hit the McDonald's drive-through for a diet Dr Pepper. Because it's that kind of morning. As I'm going to pay I see one of my friends working the window. He already works all the time at another job. I asked him what was going on, he said he just needs to work more and more to pay child support. What a guy. Good heart, good work ethic. Busting his hump to make it happen for his family.
Wake up woman.
I think I'm getting the picture. Rain. So what. Healthy family. Absolute bliss. Slow down and get that. Mondays. Are exactly what we make them. Having people you love in your life. Priceless. Even with dirty looks and eye rolls in the morning, my nine-year-old is still my world.
Cheers to you on this Monday. Go with it.
Big Love,