feel better. live better.


I love you. Period. Yep, you read it right. I love you, period. Exactly like it reads. Sometimes I sure don't act like it, but I do.
I love you when you're hilarious. I love you when you make my stomach hurt so bad from the laughter. I love you when your crap. When you're a real jerk. When you're no fun at all. I sure do. It's not as easy then. But I love you. No strings attached. Of course, you know there are strings attached. I wish there weren't.... I'm working on that. But it's going to take a lifetime to sort everything out. I mean, he's met me right?
I love you when you do exactly what I ask you to without complaining . When you run and play and laugh and succeed. I love you when you fail. I love you when you're straight up a mess. I love you when you lie to me. It's harder then. But I'll never waver on that. I love you when you tell me I'm an awesome mom. I soak in every second of the statement when it's made. Because I know, eventually you won't be saying it as much when you become a teenager.
Husband, I love you when you smell great. Right out of the shower ready to roll for work. Man on a mission. I love you. I love the way you care for others and you never stop caring. You're a hell of a dad. Never seen one like you. I love you for that
Friends, I love you when you don't judge me for being a wreck. When you laugh at my jokes when they're not funny. When you open your home to me at all hours of the day night. When you take care of my kids even though you have your own you can barely handle. I love you when you're honest with me. I love you when we have a fight. I love you because you're always going to be there. You're never going to leave my side no matter what kind of jacked up thing I say to you in the heat of the moment. You are going nowhere. And I love that about you.
Mom, I love you when you listen to me tell all of my random stories and act like they're interesting. I love the way you raised me to be an independent woman. I love the way you allow me to live my own life even though you're probably scared to death.
Sister, I love you for a 1000 reasons. You are my rock. You are fierce. I love you for that. You teach me how to be more fierce. We've been through the highest highs and some of the lowest lows. And were still there for each other. I love that about you.
Readers and friends, I love you because you're in it. You're doing life every day the hard and the ugly stuff. And if you times a week, you allow me into your life. And you get it. We are making each other feel like normal people. Ha, what a joke. Who's normal anyway? That would be so boring. I love you guys for the messages, the comments, and the people who let me know they relate to what I am writing. I know we're in this together.
Teachers, I love you. Not just big kid teachers, but my preschool teachers. My little kids teachers. I love it that you do the hard stuff with my kids that I'm not great at. When it's hard you're still there for my kids. I love it that you give a big portion of your life to make my kids life better. Bravo.
Church leaders and people who just care in general, I love you. You don't hear that enough. You work endless hours so people can have a good experience for a few hours a week. Thank you.
And for those of you who have regular lives, have regular jobs, and you just give your hearts out. I love you. I learn from you every day. The world would not be the same without you. I'm inspired by you. Not by celebrities or people who get a lot of accolades for doing things in the spotlight. It's you. You're the difference makers. World changers.
We need to hear things like this more. We need to acknowledge people exactly sure where they are. And let them know that I loved. So today, I heart you. Live large friends and pass it on to someone who needs to hear it today.
Big Love,