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Director Tells All!

Why does becking clinic get 5 stars from me?

I have been working at Becking Clinic for one year this month! Man has time flown!! Coming in for my interview I knew/didn't know two things. 1. I will not head any "weight loss" program. I don't believe in a lot of "diets" out there nor do I believe in a "magic pill" (lots of quotes, I know). That people should be taught how to eat and work out and live by those guidelines. 2. I've never had a chiropractic adjustment, and I didn't need one.

Ok...whoa on these loaded misconceptions! Obviously I was uneducated in chiropractic and the weight loss program becking clinic offered. After talking with Dr. Becking, he advised me to just come in and see what the clinic was all about before I thought about taking a position I was unsure of. Now I'm glad I did. I am the Marketing and Weight Loss Director for the clinic and get adjusted a couple of times a week! Since last year I've learned several things: Our weight loss program TEACHES people how to eat outside of all natural drops they are given. This isn't a scheme of losing weight, but a lifestyle change....which is what I believe in and now why I head the program. Also, after getting adjusted regularly my sleeping patterns, digestion, stress in my shoulders, slight headaches, SI joint issues and my bummed shoulder are all improved! I know it seems cliche to give my own company 5 stars, but here is why. I had a position I stayed with for a year before I came on to the clinic. I was extremely unhappy and took a leap of faith and left. No Job, No resources, and no idea what step was next, I networked and looked for a job I would only keep if I liked what I did. This was my WORD to myself. I took this position and said if I didn't like it in three months, I wouldn't waste anymore time. Here it is a year later and I have seen miracles and helped wipe tears of joy from peoples eyes as they come off blood pressure medication, as they were now able to have a baby, as they had their self confidence grow day by day. I'm amazed at what this weight loss program has offered those in need, and I know the best is yet to come. You don't know me, but if I left a job I was unhappy with to find something I believed in, it should show you I am a honest person with integrity. If this program didn't work, and I didn't see improvements with regular chiropractic adjustments, I would not still be here. I'd love to answer any and all questions. You will find me at becking clinic!