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Aecy is Practicing Her Disappearing Act!


Aecy lost 24.6 pounds in 42 days....that's 19.5 inches people!

I lost 19.5 inches as well. It's funny how much I've noticed how badly we as Americans eat. Our portions and quality of food is wrong. Chirothin has taught me to eat better for me and to teach my family the same. My skin and hair have not looked this good in so long. I crave water. I crave fresh fruit and fresh healthy lean foods. I'm not tempted by the yuck I once consumed. This is not a diet. This is my way of life. And I'm very grateful for the positive changes. I went from numerous health concerns and battles for past two years to NO MEDICATIONS and feeling great! This is only the beginning of this wonderful journey!" ~Aecy 

Congrats to you lady! As Mathew Wilder says, "You got to keep on movin!"