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Support from those WE support!

Monica Parsons has written an amazing testimony for becking clinic! Check it out!

"I went to Becking Clinic for weight loss. I am one of those people who has tried every "diet" and fad out there and was looking for a permanent lifestyle change. I found that healthy change with the Chiro Thin program offered through Dr. Becking's clinic. The warm and friendly environment is so welcoming and the staff is more than friendly, supportive, and willing to answer any questions and encouraged me along my 42 day journey. I was successful in losing 37 pounds in 42 days (the program guarantees 20 pounds). I was able to create healthy life changes for myself and my family as they also chose to eat some of the same foods I did. The clinic not only changed my eating habits but the habits of my family as well, and with three teenage boys that's really saying something!" 

I think it's safe to say...You Go Girl!

We like to take it back old school when deserved! Monica brings such warmth into the clinic every time she is around. She also has been such a great support to every client she has come into contact with! Monica has no problem sitting with a new client who is feebly confident and she then helps lead them towards the path of self-assurance and excitement! This "Wizard-of-Oz" type attitude is exactly what it's all about! Taking every client down the yellow brick road to health and happiness! Thanks again Monica, for being so inspirational. Cheers.