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Todd Schoener is a MACHINE!

Thank you for your recent 5 star rating on our Google page! You are changing more lives than your own sir!! Check out his story below! 


I started the Chirothin Weight Loss Program in mid Feb and by the time I finished the 42 day program at the end of March I had lost 44 lbs and changed my life forever. I tried new fruits and veggies that I hadn't eaten in years, or ever for that matter, and to this day I still enjoy them. The daily support you receive from Dr Becking along with his wonderful staff is top notch. There is even a facebook group of "losers" as we are called that offers support and advice so they can share their experiences and help others in their journey to change their lives for the better. I've always been overweight and tried many of the fad diets with limited success, only to eventually gain all the weight back. But after completing this program nearly 3 months ago, I still maintain the healthy eating habits I learned during the diet and have lost a few additional pounds. Dr Becking and his staff still check in regularly to see how I'm doing and offer their support if needed. The financial investment may seem steep, but once you consider how much you are saving by eating healthy and changing your health for the better, it is a money saving program to a new and healthier you. I no longer take high blood pressure medication and have lowered my cholesterol to normal levels. I no longer eat fast food or drink soda and have dropped 4 pant sizes in the process. I feel great. I look great. And I have Dr Becking and the staff at the Becking Clinic to thank for changing my life in such a positive way. As we like to say.......Nothing tastes as great as skinny feels!!!