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Barb lost 18 inches in 42 days!

Way to go Barb!! We are so proud of you!!!

Barb Cagle

a month ago-

As a very active over 50 woman, I never made time for myself. Slowly the pounds added on and no matter how hard I tried, they just would not come off. I noticed my niece was having some amazing success with Chirothin. After refusing to buy the next size up in jeans and just feeling like I had an inner tube around my waist, I went in for an appointment with Dr. Becking. Still skeptical, seemed too easy, really not sure so I kept telling myself, then my husband said go for it. Not only was it the easiest transformation ever.....I lost 18 inches just off my waist....I wear a belt now! I am on maintenance now, but continue to lose weight. I think twice before eating that piece of cake....I still drink lots of water! I have witnessed so many people not only lose the weight, and keep it off. This is truly life changing! Just the nudge I needed. Best part...my energy level is higher than its ever been. I need it with 3 grandchildren!