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Monica Parsons becomes Famous!

We are so very proud of Monica! She's been seen on the ShowMe Times, on in house marketing and all over Facebook!! She's Famous! Check out her story below!

"My life changing journey began on June 11, 2014. I refuse to call it a diet. To me, a diet is a short term fix to a long term problem. Becking Clinic and ChiroThin inspire a life change. My plan is to lose weight and NOT regain it, which is a common problem I have faced with all of the million of other diets and pills I have done in the past. My decision to check out Becking Clinic started when a friend was posting his success on Facebook. I was beyond skeptical about any program that guaranteed a 20 pound weight loss in 42 days. I mean, who does that?! That can't be healthy, right? WRONG. I went in for my consultation with Dr. Becking  and the staff loaded with questions to debunk this new "fad" (or so I thought). The biggest issue for me was the no exercise component.  I was in the middle of training for a 10K and participating in CrossFit. The outside of my body was strong and getting toned. I didn't want to lose that. DR. Becking assured me that I would perform all of my activities even better than I currently was after completion of the program. On the way to the clinic for my consultation I heard the song called Inside Out which contains the lyrics "consume me from the inside out". I had  a fleeting thought that I was working hard on changing the outside of my body but really should be focused on the inside for a change. While speaking with Dr. Becking God kept placing this thought back in my mind so I decide to take a step of faith and trust and believe in Dr. Becking's word that this would be a beneficial program for me. I am now on day 34 and down 32 pounds and 11.5 inches. Who would have thought! Not me. Eating clean, healthy food has left me feeling better and looking healthier than I have in years, even without exercise. Although I am looking forward to July 24 when I will be able to resume my training for an upcoming half marathon. Thanks to Dr. Becking and Sara at Becking Clinic, I finally have some self confidence that I haven't ever had in my life. I look forward to continuing to eat the portions and foods I have been eating for the past 6 weeks. Will I stumble? Sure. Will I rise up again to regain control of my food? You bet. No longer will my poor food choice be allowed to turn in to a poor food choice week. Will I do it alone? No way. Becking Clinic staff and the support of the ?Facebook group will be with me every step of the way. ~ Monica Parsons

Monica finished on day 42 by losing 37 pounds!! Monica, you are a superstar and such an inspiration to others!!