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Jerry's Nickname Is Mr. AwesomeSauce!

From the Moment He Stepped Foot In The Clinic, He Knew He Found The Change He Was looking For. 

If you have stumbled upon this blog post by chance or came here with a purpose to browse. You came at the right time!! My name is Abbie and I have the pleasure of posting one of my most memorable moments within Becking Clinic walls since I have worked there. 

I remember the day when Jerry came to the clinic for his free weight loss consultation. Every case is special, but to me, his was beyond what words could express. As the Marketing and Weight Loss Director for the clinic, I know the miracles that can happen. I know how easily it is to lose weight for every person who starts our program. I know, that if the program is followed, there is without a doubt going to be success and happiness in the clients' future. However, what I fail to remember sometimes is that....I KNOW THIS. Not everyone else. 

As I sat with Jerry describing what he needed to do to get moving to get the success I KNEW he would, he began to share with me some very inspiring reasons on why he knew he needed to lose weight. He KNEW life is short and gets shorter if you have bad health. He KNEW he had to take charge of his health before it was too late. He KNEW he wanted to be able to roll around with his grandchildren. He KNEW he wanted to be an example for his children. Jerry KNEW many things. He also KNEW....he needed some help. 

After talking with Jerry I could automatically see relief and the burden being lifted from his shoulders, there was a sparkle in his eyes, and I saw his confidence rise because he KNEW that he wasn't alone. It was a very emotional moment for the both of us. As Jerry began to leave with his new weight loss program, I couldn't help but give him a big hug and let him know he came to the right place. I'm thankful for every moment I get with our clients, but this one really touched my heart. I'm so proud of you Jerry. You are our hero!

Jerry Wrote this today~

"This is the last weekend on phase 2 of a new journey in my life. Monday I start phase 3 for three weeks of maintenance and getting leveled out. Then it's back all over again. I started on Oct 27 and it's been amazing and have lost 69 pounds. Thank you Eric Becking and staff for the tremendous guidance and support. Thank you to my wife and family for the at home preparations and love and support. Thank you to Terry Hill and Jetty Welker Hill for the realization of a much needed desire to come true. Most of all to God for leading and taking charge in this situation and putting everything in place.
This program is amazing. It's is successfully working for me and hope to continue with another round."