feel better. live better.

We've Helped Hundreds of People Lose Thousands of Pounds Quickly, Easily and All-Naturally!

You Know What the Greatest 'Gift' You Can Get Yourself This Season Is? Your Fittest, Healthiest Self. 

Give yourself the gift of permanent weight loss! Receive freedom from the ongoing struggle, weeks at the gym with little result, endless negative mind chatter and self-sabotage.  We bring to you the gift of keeping your 2014 resolution of losing weight before the New Year! 

Usher In This New Year By Finishing Your 2014 Goal!

Doctor Supervised, Life Coach, Personal Accountability Parter, All Natural Meal Plan, 24/7 Support Group and Continuous New Recipes! You'll lose 20+ pounds in 6 weeks! Oh, and as Santa's Helpers...we can help you do this program from anywhere!! 

Bring a Friend to the FREE Consultation or Give it as a Gift!

We see our clients have a higher success when they do this program with someone they know or love. Not to mention, you have an EXTRA elf in the workshop! Bring a friend to your FREE Consultation and start this journey before the New year! Let's get you both in a new outfit a slimmer you. 

Follow A Real Live ChiroThinner as She Talks About Her Journey On Air!

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