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Masterson "Masters" Weight Loss!

What an amazing journey!! Teresa has started to "master" how to lose weight and become healthier!! She started with us just 6 weeks ago and is ending at over 20 pounds lost!! Way to go Teresa!!

In Teresa's Words

A friend told me about the program and I knew I wanted to sign up to become healthier and I just wanted to FEEL better! The variety of the foods you could eat the the fast results of the weight loss is what I loved most about this program. If I were to recommend this program to anyone, it would be because it is easy to do and the results are AMAZING! Becking Clinic staff has just been great. They are very helpful and encouraging. I have really enjoyed the process of losing weigh!!

We are so very proud of you Teresa!! Keep inspiring others and we will see you in 3 Weeks for another round and 6 more weeks of losing!!