At Becking Clinic we love helping people get to their best life!

Real life happens.  We totally get it. We stress eat, we celebrate and eat, we're bored- we eat, can't sleep-we eat, depressed- we eat....and in the midst of this real life, we gain weight. Can you relate?
Do you dread walking by a full length mirror?
Had you rather stay in instead of go out?
Is your energy low?
Are you wondering how in the heck you got to this place?
Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 200 pounds, we can help.

We offer FREE consults nationwide.  If you are ready for a change, ready to get back in the driver's seat of your life-Let's talk. Click on the buttons at the bottom of the page to schedule a consult with our team.

42 days.  Real Food. All Natural. No Shakes. No Hormones. Rockstar Accountability for lasting change.

Women lose an average of 20lbs in 42 days while men lose 35-40 on the program.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out today. Let's talk.

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chuck taylor.

Becking clinic and Dr. Becking are about WHOLE PERSON HEALTH.

Simple and easy, daily habits and routines take emotion out of food.

We do accountability "second to no one" - it rocks.  (weekends, holidays)

Dr. Becking.  Grandma Bobbi - 93.  Louise Hargens - 103

"cheers friend!"

 - in my authentic Australian / British accent that you will experience "straight away" as you follow me on our Facebook Page, or should we meet.

  I believe every day is a blessing and a chance for me to maximize and contribute to help make the world a better place. 

Pictured:  Dr. Becking.  My Grandma Bobbi - 93.  My great friend, Louise Hargens - 103.

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   I've pursued this work most of my life (30+ years) and have been called by God to help radically change our culture and vibe for the better.

  How to Describe "Dr. Becking" in a word:  IMPACT

   By increasing health and happiness of people, their entire life improves and our WORLD is better one life at a time.


   We all want to be loved,  to belong and to have something in common. 

I say we NEED a Love Revolution.

  It's #ChuckTaylorTuesday and it's traveling the globe and that's the Love Revolution.  Connecting.

It's a Girl, you're Amazing way.


What Services We Offer

All-natural weight loss.  Happy living lifestyle. A Girl, You're Amazing Lifestyle. Check out that Video.  Our clients lose 20 - 35 pounds in just 6 weeks.  Goal outcome will determine number of rounds needed. 

Targeted weight loss using an FDA approved laser, that is non-invasive, pain free and our clients get IMMEDIATE results.  With a plan we see clients lose from 3 - 20 inches.  It freaking rocks!

Check it out and add it to your program!

BreakThroughs By Becking

Need a breakthrough? A true push.  Let's Discuss TODAY.  Don't wait another second.